Labor Unions & Benefit Funds

Administer your plan, your way, with a system that keeps you up to date and enables your business to stay compliant and deliver the best value for union members, trustees, vendors, and your entire team.

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Get every capability you expect - and some you never imagined - to expertly manage contributions, eligibility, claims, and communications for all of your health, wealth, and supplemental benefit funds.

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Automated member management ensures you always have easy access to your members, and their current and historical information, and never miss advancing health opportunities.

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Our mobile app and communications nerve center reduces costs, enables business continuity, and drives better member experiences and outcomes.

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We know labor is different. The complexities of collectively bargained agreements, banked hours, contributions processing, and other fund needs are in our DNA so you can change your MO.

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●  Avoid and fix costly mistakes with our fraud, waste, and abuse reduction and recovery platform.
●  Get the power and control your need to drive the most value for your money.
●  Get Viveka!