Viveka Health Automates Medical Provider-Payer Communications with New Amazon Alexa Skill, “Vive Health”

NEW YORK — September 05, 2018 – Viveka Health, a leader in healthcare payer automation and intelligence technology solutions, today announced the release of a new skill for Amazon Alexa designed to enable health plans to automate eligibility and payment inquiries. The Vive Health skill for Amazon Alexa supplies members, patients and providers with real-time answers to their most pressing questions about benefit coverage and adjudication decisions.

By utilizing the Vive Health skill for Amazon Alexa, Viveka Health’s payer customers are able give their member and provider customers very specific information, all without the exchange of any personal health information (PHI). These payers now have access to information that is the same across the entire platform, including core claims, membership, provider, payments and mobile.

“They key is in utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Alexa for a single source of truth, so our customers don’t have to rely on expensive call centers or interactive voice response (IVR) systems that quickly become outdated,” explained Laurent Laor, a founder and product manager at Viveka Health. “This greatly improves value for both payers and patients.”

About Viveka Health

Viveka Health reduces healthcare expenditures and improves outcomes for payers through a complete portfolio of technology-enabled solutions created to support the full spectrum of back-office processes. The company’s intuitive and powerful software expertly manages employee enrollment and eligibility, medical claims processing and adjudication and remittances and over payment recovery for the approximately 350,000 lives it services in California and the New York metro area. For more information, please visit

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